The meet on the second Thursday of each month. Meetings normally begin at noon and are held at the Refuge bunkhouse located in Benton, KY. To double check on the time or location of a meeting or other events, please feel free to contact the Refuge Headquarters at 111-111-1111.

The Friends want to show their sincere appreciation to Private Lands Biologists, Alan Whited. At the June meeting, a plaque was presented to Alan for all his help in the tree planting project that took place this winter. Without Alan’s help the project would not have ran as smooth. Thanks for a job well-done! (For details on this project, please see our news section 1/14/2008.

How to make your home smarter
Dear friends, we are happy to announce the program of a lecture that will be held next month specially for members of The The lecture will be conducted by the experts in the field of digital solutions for house development, company. In case you want to find out how to make your home smarter and more environmentally-friendly, please, visit our lecture. We are looking forward to meet you the next Friday at 6 p.m.

The New t-shirts are in!!
We have new t-shirts for purchase. The original “brown shirts” are now $14 or free with membership (Our Kentucky state symbol on the left pocket side). The $15 shirts are “mist green” with our rectangle symbol on the left pocket side. (Look at our photo gallery to see pictures.)

Seminars for our friends
The community is happy to inform you about an upcoming event we all have been waiting for many months. Experts from SoftwareSolutions company have agreed to organize a seminar for our friends that will be dedicated to the latest advancement in the field of software development. Training will be conducted in the open. Anyone wishing to enhance knowledge and spend time in company of professionals and friends of our community is invited to take part in the seminar.

Nature of Learning
The field trip portion of the Nature of Learning Program was a huge success. The disposable cameras were a big hit with both the students and teachers. Thanks to everyone that made the field trips as successful as they were.

The next phase of the project will take place later this summer. The teachers will deliver the scrapbooks constructed by the students and the Friends will judge for the winner. Then an awards night will be held to honor the students and present their prizes. We could use your help for awards night. So if you would like to take part in recognizing the efforts of our local students, please contact us at 111-111-1111 .

Mortgage Loan Seminar
The community inform all the members about a perfect opportunity to know all the nuances about taking a mortgage loan with the help of Fidelitymortgageva company experts, who have recently joint our community.

Family Fishing
Family Fishing Night for Marshall County will be held at the Refuge’s Environmental Education and Recreation Area (EERA). The date is September 8 th . Besides fishing families will be encouraged to utilize the other wildlife dependent recreation that is available at the EERA. Also, there are plans to have a couple of wildlife games available for children to play. This is an important event for not just the Refuge, but our entire community.

E-commerce training
We invite all our friends and partners of our community to visit interesting seminars devoted to questions of the development of e-commerce. The training will be conducted by Marcos Blair the leading expert of and the specialist in the sphere of e-commerce web design and e-commerce solutions for small and medium businesses. All participants will get great experience and obtain new useful knowledge in the sphere of e-commerce. Apply now!

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